What Types Of Tools Are Needed to Install Your Garbage Disposal

Has your vintage garbage disposal in the end drawn its remaining breath? Or perhaps you’re faced with the daunting task of installing one on your own for the first time. Whatever the case can be, there’s no cause to name in a pricy professional to do the work for you if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and sharpen your handyman capabilities. Naturally, nothing can be completed without the proper gear, and the identical is going for garbage disposal installations. This is why it is nice to get yourself up to speed with the toolset wanted in order to be fully organized once it is time to carry out the setup.

Almost all older models are fastened to the sink the usage of the 3-bolt mounting approach. These are nonetheless very a whole lot alive and kicking these days and are a famous option, however, a second one, the EZ mount, is likewise gaining traction and has installed itself as a worthy opportunity. One of its bigger advantages is the truth which you don’t want any tool to put in it onto your sink. This is high-quality news in case you’re setting an emblem-new unit underneath there for the primary time as it cuts back on the overall range of equipment you’ll want to use, however, if that is to be a substitute for a 3-bolt version, the antique mount will nonetheless need disposing of.

Essential equipment

Whichever case you’re dealing with, you can count on having to address a few screws. A widespread-sized Phillips-head screwdriver is an essential a part of any respectful toolbox and must deal with all your wishes in that branch.

A common mistake made by way of green handymen is forgetting to dispose of the knockout from the disposal. You’ll handiest need to do this if you’re planning on connecting a dishwasher to the disposal, but forgetting to achieve this will have extreme outcomes whilst the dishwasher starts running and spewing out dishwater every which manner seeing that it may get into the disposal. Luckily, the knockout will easily come out once you practice a hammer to a screwdriver to that quit.

If you’re happy with the way your vintage disposal worked, it’s miles a smart idea to buy the exact same version once more due to the fact this may save you from having to modify the drain pipe. A one-of-a-kind model will call for distinctive drain pipe lengths. You should buy a rubbish disposal set up kit with numerous pipe lengths and fittings for a couple of bucks to clear up this trouble.

When putting in a three-bolt mount, the sink flange it comes with desires to be secured the usage of a material known as plumber’s putty so that air-tight seal forms among it and the sink, looking after any capacity leaks. Silicon is a greater high priced but additionally greater powerful alternative to plumber’s putty; making use of it decreases the percentages of leakage quite a bit. The handiest drawback to selecting silicon is that it is a great deal more of a trouble to do away with it once it’s miles antique and hardened.

For a few purpose, a cord doesn’t come with most new disposals. Reusing the antique one will possibly paintings, but it’s higher to err on the facet of caution in case you’re changing a disposal which has been in use for quite a while and buy a twine together with the brand new one. Hooking the twine up to your disposal will require some knowledge of electrical paintings, in addition to a few cord slicing pliers, you’ll use to strip, reduce and form the wires so that they fit as intended.

Optional tools that make work simpler

If the kitchen the disposal could be positioned it doesn’t have enough mild, or in case you’re performing the set up in the nighttime, a flashlight is reachable to have on the geared up. It will light up the internal of your sink and you may additionally use it to shed a few mild on a selected element you may have the hassle with or hassle locating, just like a hundred and twenty-volt field from which some disposals get their strength, that’s typically placed in the sink cupboard.

Replacing an old unit will likely be a messy affair. There’s bound to be some water left over in the pipe connecting it to the dishwasher and sink, no longer to say inside the unit itself. If there’s enough room in the cupboard, vicinity a bucket under the pipes to attend to that. If not, you’ll need some rags that may absorb a lot of water.

When the disposal is hanging onto the mount and it’s time to tighten the seal setting apart it from the sink flange, there are many types of equipment you can use to make this step quicker and simpler. Sticking with your wrists will get you handiest so far, given the uncomfortable position and creation of the seal, the last turn would require a piece greater pressure. You could do that by using an Allen wrench or screwdriver as a pry bar on the lowest ring, but the most secure and least destructive manner is to apply some medium-sized water pump pliers.

There also are specialized equipment you could purchase online which assist with the annoying part of securing the snap ring in the region. This part can reason the most frustration throughout the installation manner, so if you sense such as you want a separate tool that will help you take care of it without a hitch, buying one is usually an alternative.


Depending on the sort of kitchen waste disposer you’re putting in and the way well-stocked your toolbox is, putting in the brand new unit using a minimalist method is a totally feasible alternative. Even so, an organized handyman hopes for the pleasant and plans for the worst; you ought to assume something surprising going wrong and feature the equipment at hand to cope with it. Going in organized will save you from a number of a headache, and is certain to make the set up run smoothly.

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