Waste King Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal – (L-9940) Review

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Hi ! DO you need the best garbage disposal? Here Waste King Legend 9940 which one of the best garbage disposal.We select this design due to its affordable price and acceptable efficiency.

It’s simple to set up, quick crushing and highly effective. This convenience is best suited for big family and those who prepare consistently. If you need a one horse power convenience, get this device.

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When you use a convenience, you designed a more cleanliness around in your home. Besides, you also help to keep a clear and natural atmosphere by maintaining those waste food out of the dumps.

Read our extensive evaluation below to find out more. We wish the details here can help you make the right choice.

Waste King Legend 9940 is very Easy Mounting System for Fast Installation:

In best garbage disposal review, the mounting system for Fast installation is the critical part of a review article, so I am trying to describe.

♦  Increasing the spend disposer is simple using the EZ mounting method. You do a “twist and lock” to protected it. To eliminate the product, you apply the same movement in a changed way. I think you should like this approach since it doesn’t need any resources.

♦  Based on users’ reviews, the EZ set up is easier and easier than a three protected mounting. Don’t fear if you don’t have uncomplicated experience or water system abilities. A few lack of experience customers got it right the first time. They offer you a details information that comes with tutorials.

♦  Besides, there are of help information video clips on Waste Master Website. Those video clips provide you with more explanation and knowing. I suggest that you read through the information and watch an uncomplicated video. Then start working on set up the product yourself.

♦  You need to know how to do it right to prevent any unnecessary projects. If you require to do it yourself, you save the cost of choosing a water system technician.

The program incorporates 36 inches full cable with a connect at one end. So you can log into the store without difficulty. You don’t have to pay another 7 to 10 dollars to get one yourself. Do you have a secure, immediate cable connection? If so, you need to set up an store (unless you have one in place) under your drain to connect the wire. That why Waste King Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal – (L-9940) garbage disposal is the best garbage disposal.

Here is Functional Grinding Operation that Saves Time, Water and Electricity:

What you’re most concerned is its crushing ability. How quickly does it smash spend food? Does the product always jam?

  • Waste Master is a brand product from Anaheim Manufacturing Company. This model, Waste Master 9940 is a consistent nourish disposal. It indicates you can sustain meals into the area while crushing simultaneously.
  • It uses the magnetic engine as opposed to introduction engine used by most disposals. This engine is usually employed in small appliances and run at a faster.
  • The manufacturer stated that the 1 HP magnetic engine which runs at 2800 rpm is very efficient. This device takes in less power to smash the same amount of spend meals as evaluate to other disposers.
  • It can break the meals pay into tiny contaminants. Smaller contaminants are easier to wash away and keep the pipes cleaner. Furthermore, the disposal does not block your strain pipe as evaluate to larger contaminants.
  • The high-speed engine does give you a few benefits. The device disposes of meals to spend faster which saves time. It indicates you took lesser chance to clean up the recipes after every meal.
  • Since it crashes at the fast rate, it uses less h2o in the process. And you get to preserve h2o simultaneously. Moreover, you keep electricity too, as the product uses less power due to the short duration.
  • Another high point is the high-speed creates more forceful twisting for your start-up. So it functions as an anti-jamming feature and significantly reduces your chances of performing. That why Waste King Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal – (L-9940) garbage disposal is the best garbage disposal.

Lifetime Guarantee for Mechanical Defects and Lifetime Warranty against Corrosion:


Something, when you’re buying a product, is the assurance interval. Most waste disposers provide security time interval of between one to five years. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy to know this design does not provide one, but two-lifetime guarantees. The producer mentioned that these safeguards are the best and lengthiest in the industry.

♦ Lifetime In-home service assurance – when your unit has a technical failing or material problems, the producer will fix or changed it entirely free in your residence.

♦ Life guarantee against deterioration – when a breakdown happens due to deterioration, you are given parts or convenience to fix or substitute the defective one. Any setup expenses are to be carried by the owner.

Please take note that both guarantees only used on the very first customer. It seems that the producer dedicated to producing top quality convenience. I said so since they are willing to provide and meet such guarantees.  That why Waste King Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal – (L-9940) garbage disposal is the best garbage disposal.

Waste King L-9940 Dimensions Review:

A few customers mentioned that the sizing in the Amazon website is not appropriate. Centered on what we discovered on Spend Master Website, the sizing is as follows:

☞ Width: 8 5/8 inches

☞ Height: 16 1/16 inches

☞ Shipping Weight: 14.83 Lbs

A few customers have experienced issue setting up the device under the drain because it’s big and high. Before you order the machine, examine its sizing. Make sure there is enough area for setting up and working beneath drain.

Waste King L-9940 Features Review:

♦  The sprinkle secure is detachable. It’s not a set one which makes problem during washing. The removable edition let you see what is within the crushing area. You can easily see discarded foods or other items stuck within the convenience. When you clean, take the secure out to clean up and put it back.

♦  The program provides 36 inches extended the duration of cable. You do not need to buy it at an area store or get it online as equipment. So you handled to save that cost.

♦  The convenience comes with a dishwasher wiring. It is a benefit if you plan to get a plate washer.

♦  Many rubbish disposals totally reset key are at the end which is problematic. This design has a front side installed totally reset key that allows quick access and initial.

♦  The cost of garbage disposal is very low.

♦ This convenience has the benefits of working with your container (If you have one for your household).


♦ It uncomplicated installation with detail manual and helpful videos guide.

♦ Include a cord with a length of 36 inches wide.

♦ Acceptable disturbance stage from a powerful 1 HP engine by most customers.

♦ Fast, crushing operation and a highly efficient device as ranked by customers.



♦ A few customers are experiencing difficulty increasing the product.

♦ A few customers stated that the disturbance stage coming from the engine is quite noisy.

♦ A few customers reported it has a small drain opening.

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