Waste King L-2600 Review

Waste King L-2600 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King is a Brand which is highly dedicated to provide their customers with High Quality Products which is even reflected in their new Waste King L-2600 Legend Series which is famous for its Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal System.

Let’s Talk about the Waste King Brand and its Quality Standards.It is a Brand which is owned by Anaheim Manufacturing Company which is one of the leading Commercial and residential food Waste Disposal Systems in world.All the products are manufactured in United States to ensure the quality standards as company headquarter is situated at Southern California.

It is a Industry Leader in terms of New Designs and Concepts who introduced the evolutionary technology in the market which uses the structural composite materials and high speed motor magnets which gives amazing performance in terms of speed and strength.

So, If you are looking for the Best Garbage Disposal for Residential Purpose which comes with 5 Years Warranty?

Then Waste King L – 2600 1/2 HP can be your Choice.

Waste King L-2600 has endless capabilities which will amaze you such as its compact design, easy installations and powerful grinding with noiseless operations.Most of the grinding components are made of stainless steel are insulated to provide the quiet operations.
It is equipped with 1/2 HP motor which is highly energy efficient which have the impressive rotation speed of about 2600 rotations per minute which allows it to grind the food waste twice only due to its high rotation speed.One more amazing aspect is, It comes with 5 Years Limited warranty from the manufacturer and lifetime warranty against corrosion.

  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN, Its Compact and Space Saver.
  • 5 Years Warranty, comes with 5 Years in Home Service Warranty.
  • MARKET LEADER, One of the Best Garbage Disposal System by Waste King.

My Story & Experiences with Waste King L-2600 Disposal

There are lots of amazing things about brand waste king from quality to price to warranty personally I have used the product and now it has been about 2 years since I bought it and not once I had any complains related to the product the waste is an evolutionary product in the market of the garbage disposal industry .

The best thing about the waste king is that the company had put enough research and mind into developing this kind of product which includes all the features that are minute but make a big difference in working of the product and its surrounding starting from the 36 inch power cord, no other company or manufacturers does provide anything close to 36 inch power cord when is a total necessity not many people think about it but the length of the cable allows you to plug the machine from any end of the room which means you don’t have to use any extensions to fill to connect it to the power source.

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Secondly its design is made with so much smartness that while it is sleek and smaller in size it could be fitted anywhere it doesn’t take much space under the kitchen cabinet nor make any sound while working it’s so entirely that you won’t be able to guess if it working and also you don’t have to scream every time to talk to other person the problem that you face while you use other market garbage disposer also the size of the waste king is small enough that it would leave you plenty of space to work with where you can store anything .

Another best feature about the waste king is that the legend 2600 is a continuous feed garbage disposal system which allows the product to grind even you put the food continuously in with the reliable and fast permanent magnet motor instead of induction motor and grind chamber of 100% stainless steel instead of galvanized steel even its really hard to believe the L8000 is not more expensive than it has always been for years. 

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Permanent magnet motors are the perfect choice of engine for garbage disposal. They make less noise and are much faster than induction motors. Notably, in this case, the 1 H.P motor featured in the L8000 can reach 2800 rpm. The high rotational speed is useful when it comes to grinding soft remains and avoids jamming. It’s so powerful that it could handle hard waste like bones, rinds, and cobs too. And it also comes with the 5-year warranty, which is a complete package for a customer and proof enough that it’s the best of the best in the mark.

Go & Buy the Waste King L-2600 Now,If Useful..

The waste king legend series L-2600 is an overall great machine, and for me, it has proofed to be a great purchase. All components of the waste king L-2600 legend series 1⁄2 HP continuous feed operation garbage disposal work perfectly how they are supposed to, which makes it the most effective garbage disposal in the segment. 

The motor is powerful and efficient. You can feel its power when you turned it on and put it to its actual work. I haven’t come across any of the issues with the disposer till now. Even I like the fact that its low maintains and does not create any fuzz in day today. It works perfectly fine, and it’s strong enough to handle all kinds of tough foods. And the best thing is that If I ever have to come across any problem with it, the warranty will cover it so along with all the other features it seems not less than the bonus to me.

Based on my Experience, I highly recommend you should buy to try and experience the power of the Waste King L-2600 which handles all the required task with great ease and comfort.

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