How to Fix Leaky Garbage Disposal

Leaky Garbage Disposal : Best way to Fix Check?

Are you Suffering from Leaky garbage disposal ?

And you don’t know what to do about it? Need a solution for that, here you will find the perfect guide to fix your leaky garbage disposal.

Leaky garbage disposal is always the worst thing that you can encounter and is a big of a problem when it comes to fixing it. leaks not just add up to your water bills but also is total trouble when you are surrounded by a pool of water in your kitchen that could also lead to the growth of molds and mildew under your cabinets which is a gross situation to be in.

So, when you find out that water is leaking what steps you should follow, are mentioned ahead. Firstly you have to find out where the garbage disposal is leaking.

How to find the location of leakage ?

Find the Leakage in garbage DisposalFirstly, before you look for a leak in garbage disposal make sure that you have unplugged the garbage disposal and always remember never to touch the garbage disposal with bare hands because a leak in the garbage disposal can cause a harmful electric shock if you touch it without plugging it off or directly with bare hands.

Secondly, you have to dry your surrounding wherever the water is spilled including the garbage disposal you can accurately know the place of leakage for that you would need some tools like a torch and a dye if you have, the torch will help you locate the leakage or any breakage in the garbage disposal and if you couldn’t find it.

The other method is through the colored water for that you need to put a stopper in the disposal side of the sink, this is the place from where colored water will come in then you have to pour that water down the sink and hold a light color rag underneath the garbage disposal, the colored water will stain the cloth and you will be able to easily pinpoint the leakage without any problem.

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But if the sink leaks when you put a stopper it means the leakage is happing from the flange, this is where drain opening is which connects the sink to the disposal. This is a good thing because generally it can be fixed with just inexpensive plumber putty.

What Cause Leakage in Garbage Disposal?

1. Worn Out Gaskets

If you have been using a gasket for many years, it will become weak, and then begin to drip water. If you rarely use garbage disposer, the gasket dries up and start leaking. To stop such leakage, replace the older gasket.

2. Leaky Sink Flange

If your garbage disposal leaking water from flange, then you have a defective flange caused by either weak putty or loose mounting bolts.To resolve this, place the putty between the pipe and flange and tighten the pins.

3. Loose Drain Lines

Loose drain lines mat give rise to the leakage problem.Check the joint of drain lines, if found any drip, tighten it using screwdriver. If you do inspection on the regular basis, it will prevent you from such issue.

4. Cracked or Loose Hoses

Garbage disposal leaking could be from the dishwasher connection to the drainpipe, leaks may occurs due to cracked or loose hoses. You can solve this problem by securing or replacing the hose.

5. Leaking Reset Button

Older garbage disposal leaking may leaks from the reset button, fixing this doesn’t worth it. Repairing this piece is a temporary solution resulting in wasted cash. It would be better to replace the older garbage disposal to new one.
But if your  leaky garbage disposal is new one with faulty reset buttons, you can fix the reset button mainly as a warranty covers the product. But if the unit has exceeded the warranty period, then needs the services of a professional

How To Fix Leaky Garbage Disposal ?

If you have determined the exact leaking place in your leaky garbage disposal, here are some tips to help you fix the issue, depending on what part of the disposal is leaking.

If The Garbage Disposal Leaking From Top

The plumber putty starts to corrode over time and Blunt force trauma.
So, the plumber putty is a sealant which is used to secure the flange from any leakage but the drawbacks of the plumber putty is this that it starts to corrode with time and eventually break down and fall in that case the leakage can happen the other reason if the blunt force trauma sometimes if you hit hard over the sink or say the water is stuck and you are trying to getting rid off you try to apply some force on the sink and that force can break the seal causing leakage.
To fix these both things is pretty simple and inexpensive as you just have to buy a putty and to apply it roll it and make it like a long rope and apply around the place. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you must not use the sink or run any water until the putty is totally dried off, Re-seal and tighten the flange.

If The Garbage Disposal Leaking From Bottom

If your garbage disposal is leaking out of the bottom, the most likely cause is the actual garbage disposal itself. There are internal seals that wear out over time, for this you may need to install new garbage disposal unless if your garbage disposal is under warranty period because the cost of fixing the internal seal doesn’t really worth it, it would be better to replace it and get the new one.

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If The Garbage Disposal Leaking From Sides

This leakage often comes from where the drain lines are connected to the side of the garbage disposal. To resolve this, tighten the metal clamp using a screwdriver, that connects the lines from the disposal to the dishwasher. You can also tighten the main drain line, or you may need to replace the rubber gasket.

Before Repairing Leaky Garbage Disposal, Make Sure..

Before you put your hands in to fix the leaky  garbage disposal remember that you are not a professional plumber and there are tons of things that you should focus on and yes it is a messy job first thing is the safety the garbage disposal works with two components that are water and electricity which is a deadly combination.

If you have decided to fix it yourself then you must be prepared with all safety measures. And if you think you are not confident enough to handle it then we suggest you call a plumber instead.

  • Water :The water is always there and garbage disposal works with that so there are chances that some old food would come in your face with water as you start to disconnect the pipes and you might flood your kitchen with water.
  • Electricity:As told earlier that you need to be very cautious when you work with the garbage disposal always unplug the switch from the electric setting and if the possible turn of the main power as well to be sure that you are dealing with it safely.
  • Follow instruction:If you are stuck at someplace and doesn’t know what to do next it is always great to have some instruction to follow which you can easily browse and get online and try to find the articles that contain videos, illustrations, and clear explanation so you can perform your task easily without any problem.
  • Clean-Up:Cleaning up after you did your job of fixing is really important it sound like a simple task but it is very essential because the water that been leaking is filled with different enzymes and bacteria’s that could cause the infection or if you have someone in the home like a baby or someone with weak immunity then it’s very important that you should avoid letting the thing remain the same. You may use any Garbage Disposal Cleaners to Clean The Disposal.

Try to dry out water as this water can lead to the growth of molds and mildews because water gives them the nutrients to grow and spread at a rapid speed. we suggest changing your kitchen cabinet as well with a cheaper one because leakage can cause the damping in the wood that would eventually mold in some days, but if you are lucky enough to catch the leakage your free of that danger.

Try To Prevent Future Garbage Disposal Leaking

Most homeowners are not excited about having to conduct any repairing task for leaky garbage disposal. Regular maintenance garbage disposal keeps you prevented from such leaking issues, also it does not require a lot of time or effort. 

Once you have addressed one of the issues above, check the leak has been fixed by pouring water down the drain and making sure no water leaking. If the leak has disappeared, it is safe to plug the garbage disposal unit back into the wall outlet and turn on the power to the disposal unit.

To prevent future issues from happening with your garbage disposal unit, avoid placing items such as bones, potatoes, celery, eggshells, etc in the garbage disposal. These hard items can create cracks and lead to early damage to the garbage disposal drains. Remember to use the garbage disposal unit to grind only soft foods and keep running cold water after the use of garbage disposal to loosen up any food and prevent solids from forming at the bottom of your drain of the kitchen sink. 

Keeping a close watch on your drain twice a year and catching any small repairs before they become larger problems. Regular maintenance will save your money and hassle of larger repairs of replacements in the future!

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