How to install the Garbage Disposal

How to Install the Garbage Disposal

Want to Install the Garbage Disposal in your kitchen??

I will tell you the step by step process to do it. You need to consider 2 to 3 things before you get started with installing your garbage disposal.

First of all, Your Garbage Disposal will be attached to the sink and will have the discharge that is connected with the drainage pipe. Secondly, Your dishwasher outlet has to be attached to the disposal.

If you don’t have any disposal, You will require a nearby outlet and electric switch. You may call an electrician to install them and do check if any permit is needed for it?

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You can start the installation by turning off the circuit breaker and position the bucket and disconnect the drainage pipes. 

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Now Just Follow the Steps Carefully to install your Garbage Disposal:

Tools Required:

Material Required:

Follow These Instructions to Install the Garbage Disposal

Step 1: Turn Off the Circuit Breaker & Disconnect the drainpipes

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