Best Home Remedy to Clean Garbage Disposal

Best Home Remedy to Clean Garbage Disposal using Lemon Cubes

I Hope, You are using your Garbage Disposal Well but still looking for a Home Remedy to clean Garbage Disposal? Then keep reading this article or If you are looking to buy a Garbage Disposals compatible with septic tanks, Do Check the List of Best Garbage Disposals.

If you find yourself battling with ongoing garbage disposal stench, prepare a tried and true deodorizing weapon from the humble lemon. Yet, while lemons are one of the best deodorizers you can use, it may not be practical or possible to obtain fresh lemons throughout the year. That’s why this option of freezing the lemons into ice cubes makes good sense, giving you a year-round deodorizing solution for little cost.

You might be wondering, Why we are considering the use of Lemons in the cleaning of the Garbage Disposals?

See, The Lemons are acidic in nature and acid inside it are really antiseptic and antibacterial and also acts a natural bleach.Even the citrous smell of the lemons are quiet energetic and refreshing.Thats why Lemons are used in cleaning.

Purchase three or four fresh lemons and a bottle of white vinegar.

You don’t have to go organic or purchase a special kind of lemon––regular grocery store lemons will do the trick.

Roll each lemon before slicing to loosen the juices.

This will help to evenly distribute the juice before cutting.

Cut the lemons into small chunks or slices.

Size them to fit each ice cube tray mold. Then, place the lemon pieces into the separate holes of the ice cube tray.

  • Line up the trays if using more than one, so that you can fill them completely with lemon.
  • Don’t worry about de-seeding the lemon wedges. You won’t be to eating these ice cubes!

Fill each ice cube tray with white vinegar.

Fill each mold just before the top (don’t let it overflow).

  • Use only vinegar––don’t dilute with water. Diluting the cubes will lessen the deodorizing impact.Even vinegar is a awesome cleaning ingredient but some people doesn’t like its smell but using vinegar with lemon can neutralize the vinegar smell.

Freeze the cubes overnight (or for several hours).

The cubes need to be rock hard.

  • Pop the cubes from the trays. Transfer them to a plastic freezer bag to store in your freezer. (Leaving the cubes in the trays will expose them to food odors, minimizing their deodorizing impact.) Label and date––labeling will prevent anyone using the cubes for their drinks.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal Using These Lemon Icecubes

Its not at all difficult to keep your garbage disposal clean. You just make a habit of dropping one ice cube in your disposal every night after doing all the kitchen work. As You Know, Lemon and Vinegar is acidic in nature which will not only keep your disposal clean but also you will get rid of the foul smell from disposal and even the kitchen. Moreover, This will prevent last night’s dinner from intermingling with this morning’s breakfast.

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I strongly recommend to follow this practise on the daily basis to attain the desired cleaning, But still i also urge you to use the Garbage Disposal Cleaners once a week for the Best results. It will also increase the life of your Food Waste Disposer. 

I Hope, You got all the steps to follow to keep your Garbage Disposal Clean naturally. If anyone Knows about any other Home remedy to clean Garbage Disposal, Then Please mention in comment section.


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