How to Fix a Humming Garbage Disposal

How to fix a Humming Garbage Disposal

If your Garbage disposal isn’t working and creating humming sound as you switch it on, it can be due to some mechanical problem, or it might be old and need to be replaced.

To find out and to fix the situation, you need to examine the root of the problems as there are many cases when the garbage disposal starts producing Humming Sound.

The Problem can be the Humming Garbage Disposal but flywheel not stuck, So you dont need to worry. Just keep reading the Content shared below.

You will be happy to know, The solution to the problem is easy and even sometimes took only a few seconds to solve it.

But I request to be calm and try to understand the reason behind the problem. Don’t Worry, Its not a Rocket Science. You need to follow the steps to examine the problem and then follow the necessary steps to fix the issue of garbage disposal that is humming.

Foreign Object stuck in the Garbage Disposal

It is the most common cause of the sound produced in the Garbage Disposal while running. As you know, Garbage Disposer grinds the food waste by its sharp blades which are rotated by the powerful motor. Hence If something probably substantial gets stuck in between the blades will produce the humming sound. So you should remove the cover of the sink and check for something stuck in between the blades. Just remove that foreign object and turn on the Disposer and That’s It, Your disposal is like before now.

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Disposal is Jammed

If it’s still not fixed after removing the foreign object that was stuck or if you didn’t found any foreign substance stuck inside the blades. It means it could be jammed, and to fix the jamming, You don’t need to call a plumber. You can do it yourself using the Allen wrench tool, which comes with most of the Garbage Disposal box. It is provided to fix these kinds of problems.

Just take out the Allen Wrench, and when you look at the bottom of the garbage disposal, You will find a bolt that where you are using the Wrench. You need to use it back and forth a couple of times to free up the blades which were jammed to a place and Switch it on the Garbage Disposal and start using it.

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If you still didnt understood, How to Unclog your Garbage Disposal, Just Watch this Video and you will learn it well.

Call a Plumber or Company's Customer Care

If you are still able to listen to Humming sound, It might be some electrical issue or some issue which might not be simple or easy to handle. So Just call your Local Plumber and ask for Help. You can even call your Company’s Customer Care no and avail the Benefits of Warranty in case of any machine fault. But again, Check the Warranty Documents to avail the Benefits. 

If you are really fed up with your current garbage disposal which may be due to arising of continuous problems in it, Then i request you to buy a new one, As Technology is changing rapidly and there are lots of latest garbage disposals with longer warranty period.

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