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5 Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch Reviews & Buyers Guide

Garbage disposal air switch is very simple and safe device that you can use to turn on and off  your kitchen disposer.If you have a garbage disposal at home then you will be familiar with the problem you face on a daily basis regarding managing the garbage disposals.

upon that, we all face this situation where there is food and water lying around the sink and counter. which makes the simple task dangerous because you will turn on the switch with wet hands that increase the risk of you getting shocked.

To eliminate such risk there comes the rescuer garbage disposal air switch.

What is Garbage disposal Air Switch?

A garbage disposal air switch is a simple button which is connected to an airtight tube/hose that works on air pressure. the science behind that is pretty simple the air switch doesn’t need any electricity to work instead it relies on the air pressure that is created when you push down the button which creates a vacuum and enables the garbage disposal operation.

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The main benefit of the garbage disposal air switch is that it doesn’t need electricity to run and installation of the switch is quite simple, that saves you money on both plumber and electrician.

It is really simple that you can do it all by yourself without any other person’s help. As it comes with a control unit, the push button and plastic tubing.

To install it in place you just have to drill a hole where you want it to install it and the ideal place is above the sink so you can easily reach it out as you work.

It doesn’t have any electrical connection so it’s totally safe to install it in such place, but make sure that wherever you install you air switch it must let the airflow down so it can function properly.

Durability of Garbage disposal air switch

The durability of the product depends upon the material used in the making of the product as most of the air switches are made up of high-grade metals or synthetic materials. 

If you would compare the regular flip switches with the air switch, the flip switches can wear off or can rust with time along with that there is always a risk of getting a shock.

 If you touch it with wet hands, on the other hand, the air switch doesn’t need any electric or battery power to function and there is less point of friction so you can use it as much as you want without getting worried or getting shocked.

It provides an extra measure of safety against electrical shock. The control mechanism with a garbage disposal air switch doesn’t require any electricity from outside .

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Hose length is long enough

The air switch comes with a hose that connects it with the main device (garbage disposal). Which let the air pass through it also activates and deactivates it whenever you push the button down. 

The hose length could determine from brand to brand.Garbage disposal air switch generally comes with 5-Feet Air Hose, so you no longer worry about the Air Tubing is not long enough. Silicone Air Hose is more durable than other. 

If you have a long hose then you can install you air switch at distance but make sure that it is on a comfortable distance where the air switch can work properly.

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Garbage disposal air switch kit come with dual switch option

The air switches do come with a single switch but there is a dual switch option available in the market which gives you the luxury to install a second device on the other outlet such as water heaters in the same switch.

however, the prices could be a bit higher than regular single outlet switches but it could be considered as an option if you are looking for one.

Top 5 Air Switch For Garbage Disposal Comparison Table

Dual Outlet Sink Dual Outlet Sink Garbage Disposal Air Switch, by Essential Values
  • My Rating:4.3 Out of 5.0
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Premium Quality Premium Quality Cleesink Top-self Powered Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit
  • My Rating:4.5 Out of 5.0
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Dual Outlet Sink Dual Outlet Sink Insinkerator STS-00SN garbage disposal air switch kit
  • My Rating:4.7 Out of 5.0
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For Single Outlet For Single Outlet Northstar Decor AS010 Garbage disposal air switch kit
  • My Rating:4.0 Out of 5.0
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Average Reviews Product Average Reviews Product Single Outlet Sink Garbage Disposal Air Switch Activated
  • My Rating:3.9 Out of 5.0
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5 Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch Reviews

The Essential value air switch is first on the list for being the best among all air switches included in this list talking about this air switch it’s durable in nature because of the materials used in making the air switch are of great quality.

It’s has a high quality six feet long vinyl hose which is both flexible and tough to meet your requirements. To enhance the appearance of the product its given chrome finish so it could fit in your kitchen and outstand it rather than sitting there like regular air switches.

The essential value air switch also comes with a dual outlet switch which not only makes work easier while providing you with the benefit of using other appliances/devices in your kitchen such as water heater etc. 

With the same level of safety by reducing the chances of any short circuits as it run one appliance at a time. Essential value air switch is compatible with best of the garbage disposal such as Insinkerator & Waste king etc.

  • Air activated
  • Dual outlet for Optional Hot Water Dispenser
  • Easy to install
  • Mountable Power Module
  • No major issue

The second one on the list is cleesink top air switch if your looking for a reasonable price garbage disposal air switch this is the one, the cleesink air switch comes with an average 5 feet long hose with pretty decent quality, however, if you have an average kitchen then the height of the hose is great for you it could fit easily and works great.

The cleesink top air switch comes with a single outlet switch and contains a basic button you can install it above the average-sized sink and from there it will work on its own whenever you will push the button down it will operate it.

Cleesink is a durable and affordable product which does work effectively and this also comes with different button options which you can choose from according to your kitchen.

  • Easy to install
  • Highly versatile and controls many other fixtures & appliances
  • Remote control and wireless design ensures maximum convenience
  • Product is self-powered
  • Strong 433 Rf signal Works through walls
  • Large button size looks cheap for a product

The InSinkErator dual sink top switch is one of the products of the InSinkErator series which comes with a dual outlet wall switch that gives you the option of installing the air switch on the wall or above the sink.

It also has satin nickel push button including a 33 inches power cords and 6 feet hose which is decent length if you want to install it in a different place rather than around the sink. but it is quite pricey than average air switches because the name of the brand.

however, the brand is known for its quality of products and if you are willing to buy this product you can go for it as it will be compatible with the same brand’s garbage disposals easily.

  • Mounts easily to sink
  • White finish buttons to complement your decor
  • Easy installation process
  • Whole new way to operate your garbage disposal
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Only suitable for InSinkErator garbage disposal
  • Expensive

If your someone you lives for beauty and design this air switch is for you the Northstar decor focus on delivering the best of the quality in designs of there products while providing a whole range of options so you can choose between which is your ideal style.

The north star air switch kit consists of a single outlet switch with a six feet long hose and a 120 v air switch along with instruction manual so you can install it yourself with no difficulty. 

The exciting thing about the north star air switch is that they provide about 24 finishes of the button that includes stainless steel, polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, polished brass and oil- rubbed bronze etc.

The brand is ideal for modern homes and the best part is that it give you the 2-year warranty on the button finish. so, it will maintain the hygiene and beauty at the same time.

  • Easy to install
  • Work so quick to power on and off your garbage disposal
  • Stylish and elegance look
  • Various option of buttons to choose, for kitchen decor
  • No major issue

Add a touch of elegance style to your kitchen with this easy to reach disposal switch. Also a convenient alternative to a wall switch. Perfect for island installations and works with any  garbage disposer. Single outlet design for garbage disposal air switch.


  • Air activated
  • Can be used with any disposer
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Round style push button
  • Set includes 125V-16A rated control unit
  • No major issue

Add garbage disposal air switch kit to your kitchen

The air switch protects you from the possible injuries that could take place if you touch the garbage disposal switch with wet hands, it is not a requirement but if you want to be safe and ease your work this is the perfect solution for that as there are different brands with different features but the function of all are the same is to keep you safe which makes it a better product to use if you have a garbage disposal at your house.

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List of benefits of garbage disposal air switch kit

  • It is quite easy to mount a garbage disposal air switch
  • It is a best way that reduces the risk of an error, If your hand is in the drain area and someone hits the wrong switch, then there is a real fear of injury 
  • It is a design that’s super simple to use and match your kitchen decor
  • The installation means you can reduce the risk of electrical shock in your kitchen due to wet hands
  • It comes with a variety of design options from which you can choose
  • It still gives you a sanitary way to dispose of food items also keep down odors that can form with compost                                              You can expect to pay up to 30% more for your garbage disposal air switch kit , but It is an easy and safest way of garbage disposal.           

So hope you get your garbage disposal air switch soon..