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10 Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best drain cleaner for kitchen sink is one that keeps you tension free from drain clogging  and smelling issue,  prevent clogs and can also clear clogs comprised of soft material like hair or paper, grease. 

Do your kitchen sink clog often?

And you have already tried to get rid of it by using home remedies and they have failed to solve your problem miserably? So, you need a more effective way of cleaning which is drain cleaners, it might sound like a small uneffective thing but it is more than that it can change your way of working in the house while saving you from heavy expenses of plumbers.

Seeing your kitchen sink dirty with oil and grime sticking  can make you go panic. The very thought of having to clean up all the grim with your hands can make you feel yuck. For people who struggle to keep their kitchen sink clean, here we listed out few best drain cleaner for kitchen.

What is a Drain cleaner?

Drain cleaner is a product that is made to clean down your drain while keeping it fresh by removing all the waste/debris that is responsible for clogging. The chemicals that are used in the making of the drain cleaner are caustic based which means they contain different chemicals like hydroxide and electrons etc that helps to eliminate any clogging in the drain .

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Are Drain cleaners safe for pipes?

Many new drain cleaners that are available in the market are made of harmless new chemicals that are designed to not harm your pipes while working. But if you have an old home and you have the same old metal pipes in your house then it’s better to consult it to a professional plumber as they do have more information about this and they can tell what good and what is bad for your drain pipes

There are three types of liquid drain cleaners, each suited for different drain locations and different types of pipes and also depend on clogging dirt. 

Enzymatic drain cleaners is a safer alternative to chemical drain cleaners, and they’re easier on the environment with less adverse effect. They use bacteria or enzymes that naturally feed on organic waste materials, such as hair and food waste, grease dirt.

These products use bacteria that produce enzymes in the presence of organic matter, such as food particles, hair, mold, and algae. The enzymes break down the material into tiny pieces that can then be flushed through your pipes with water to unclog the pipe.

Caustic drain cleaners contain substances such as lye and caustic potash. They’re bases, so they give electrons to the clogging substance, and their hydroxide ions create the reaction that clears the clog. The caustic material in the cleaners can eat the pipe while  clearing through the clog.

Acidic drain cleaner Acidic drain cleaners usually contain high percentage of sulfuric acid, which turns a piece of pH paper red and chars it instantly. Apart from grease and hair, an acidic drain cleaner containing sulfuric acid can be also used to dissolve tissue paper inside water pipes to unclog it.

Some brands do use eco-friendly chemicals that are safer for the environment and are not so harsh on the drains and pipes but it is important that you should keep it out of the reach of the children and pets for there safety.

We have prepared a list of drain cleaners while considering the basic factors like price, usability and where you can buy it from that ranges from cheapest to the most expensive.

Top-Rated Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink Comparison Table

Gel Based Drain Cleaner Gel Based Drain Cleaner Drano Max Gel Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink
  • My Rating:4.4 Out Of 5.0
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Best Kitchen Sink Cleaner Best Kitchen Sink Cleaner THRIFT T-600 Alkaline Based 6 lb. Granular
  • My Rating:4.6 Out of 5.0
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Kitchen Sink Maintainer Kitchen Sink Maintainer ECOS Enzymes Drain Cleaner
  • My Rating:4.3 Out of 5.0
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Bio Gel Cleaner Bio Gel Cleaner Invade Bio Gel Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink
  • My Rating:4.2 Out of 5.0
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Best Kitchen Sink Cleaner Best Kitchen Sink Cleaner Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver
  • My Rating:4.0 Out of 5.0
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Biodegradable Drain Cleaner Biodegradable Drain Cleaner Roebic K-570 32 Fl. Ounce Biodegradable Leach and Drain Field Opener
  • My Rating:4.5 Out of 5.0
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Powerful Sink Cleaner Powerful Sink Cleaner VALWORD Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner Chemical Powder Agent
  • My Rating:4.0 Out of 5.0
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Best for for Bath/Toilet/Sink/Floor Drain/Kitchen Best for for Bath/Toilet/Sink/Floor Drain/Kitchen ETERNA Air Drain Blaster, Sink Plunger, Air Power Toilet Plunger
  • My Rating:4.0 Out of 5.0
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Drain Septic Cleaner Drain Septic Cleaner Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria
  • My Rating:4.5 Out of 5.0
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Septic Safe, Odorless, Biodegradable for Bathroom Sink Septic Safe, Odorless, Biodegradable for Bathroom Sink XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover
  • My Rating:4.2 Out of 5.0
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10 Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink Reviews 2020

The Drano max gel is a powerful gel-based drain cleaner for kitchen sink. The company is most popular for its strong cleaning solutions and formulas because of it’s effectiveness people look up to it as one of the best clog removers in the market. 

Taking about the ingredients of the product previously used to contain the original solution, which was made from sulfuric acid, that could be hazardous if it came in contact with the skin or the fumes are inhale accidentally but with some change in the product it is made safer to use but still, you should avoid any contact with the solution.

In a new solution, there is a mix of hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, Iye and sodium silicate. where hypochlorite is a blech that you use in the laundry where other ingredients are caustic based that are softer on the pipes and if you have an old house with metal pipes it is safer for them too.

These ingredients work to disintegrate the debris and waste that is causing the clogging in the drain. one should note that gel formula can only reach to the drain through water and you should leave it there for at least 15 minutes so it can start working and if the clog is really stubborn we suggest to leave it for 30 minutes at least and then run the hot water upon it to wash it away.

The Drano Max Gel Drain Cleaner features a thick bleach formula that cuts right through standing water, also Contains ingredient to protect pipes from corrosion.This is best kitchen sink cleaner and faster enough, works in just 15 min.

It is among the best-reviewed cleaner in the market which is highly praised because of its ease to use and effectiveness.This  Drain Cleaner for kitchen sink can be stored for long period, it contain non acidic formula.

This particular Drain cleaner is different from other drain cleaners because it not liquid or gel-based. which is because this granular drain cleaner consists dry, odorless crystals that work quicker than any other drain cleaner as this only needs to sit on a place for 60 seconds and then you can wash it away with hot water. 

Also this is soft on your drain pipes while you put it in to clean because the formula is soft on the pipes which include different metals and substances that protect it from any corrosion.

If you clean your kitchen daily and you pay attention in maintaining the hygiene of your house then this product is best for you the earth-friendly best kitchen sink cleaner comes in a two-pound container that could last you for 100 uses if used daily. 

The ECOS Drain Cleaner features a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes formulated specifically to digest dead organic waste found in your plumbing system and unclog the drain. While it is the most expensive one in the list but it is because of the quantity that comes with it. 

The best thing about this kitchen sink cleaner is that it is effective in cleaning down the drain as it does the job within one hour and also act after cleaning so no buildup could take place after using it for days.It is one of the best earth friendly kitchen sink cleaner.

This product is different from the actual drain cleaners that work to clean up the clog and not letting it come back this invade bio drain gel consists a thick, syrup-like formula which is made up of microbes and for the scent it contains a citrus oil whose purpose is to prevent drain flies. 

The usage of this product is pretty simple you just have to put it across the sides of the drain and let it sit there while it eats all the organic materials that cause clogs.

This product could also be used in soda fountains as it dissolves the sticky residue left by soda syrups where this might not be the best drain cleaner available in the market and does not work on stubborn clogs but it works for mild grease and residue while leaving behind the smell of citrus oranges.

Green Gobbler Best Kitchen Sink Cleaner

This product is ideal for partially clogged sinks as it includes an active enzyme formula, that is of thick consistency so when you put it down the drain it clings on the inside of pipes and start to work.

It also helps in lowering the ph levels which helps in removing the clogs more easily and effectively but it faces a hard time to unclog the fully clogged drain cleaner.

The Green Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Drain Cleaner features a dual chambered bottle that allow to pour one at a time so no and measuring is required. High density formula is heavier than water, sinks and clings to the blockage to work fast to unclog the sink faster.It is totally safe and bio-degradable.

This drain cleaner is ideal for those people who have septic tanks as this works perfectly for it. As this contains an enzyme-based drain cleaner is a concentrated formula that uses patented bacteria genetically engineered by the company. That not only helps to remove the clogs but also helps in keeping down the waste deposit under the septic tanks.

K-570 can prevent system failure and more rapidly breaks up drain field clogs to restore proper drainage. Concentrating the formulation also make it more convenient for treating the larger septic systems found in today’s homes. This kitchen sink cleaner is biodegradable and easy to use.

This drain cleaner is not the best working but is affordable as the product could be described as a synthetic gel-based drain cleaner. where it is said by the company this product is biodegradable and safer for your drain and it does take some extra time to eat up the clog but does work nicely.

Easy to use,4 pack of plastic plumbing snake drain auger,25.2″ flexible barbed wand can easily grab & remove clustered hair, food, garbage, and other obstructions easily.

Durable and convenient, Soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, great for kitchen, bathroom & utility sinks, bathtubs and showers, Great drain tool for unclogging shower and  kitchen sink drains, flexes at P-trap where most clogs occurred.

Effectively breakdown Grease, Hair, Toilet Paper, Soap Scum, Organic Materials, Body Oils, Calcium & Lime Buildup, Rust, Flush-able Baby Wipes, Toothpaste, Shampoo Residue, Iron Buildup .

This drain cleaner is very different from other drain cleaners that you have used before or is using as this uses a proprietary formula instead which is gas in place of the liquid and gel-based drain cleaners. 

This works pretty fast in a matter of seconds to use it you just have to rinse your drain and pipes as if you have already used any drain cleaner product before making sure there is no left residue remaining in the pipe when ready release this gas into the drain to mention this gas is an odourless compressed gas that goes through your pipes and does it works within entering.

Easy to use, This drain cleaner for kitchen sink blaster uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the toughest clogs (with water) in your drains in just seconds. Easy to pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger to clear the clogged pipe.

Special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that DIGESTS dead organic waste found in your plumbing system. It is environmentally friendly and safe.This cleaner for kitchen sink is multi purpose used for kitchen sinks, showers, bath tubs, garbage disposals, septic tanks & fields, cat litter pans, motor homes .

Enzymes break down the clogging material on contact, then the bacteria removes it. It removes grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper and cotton.It Does not produce any heat, fumes or boiling, and safe for people, plumbing systems, septic tanks and the environment friendly.

Xion Lab AWARD-WINNING Gel Liquid Shower Drain Cleaner  for kitchen sink was formulated with innovative technology  to attack clogs in depth.

Our drain opener to clings to blockages, without producing toxic gases, open clogs in your pipes. Our thick, heavier-than-water pipe cleaner works quickly on fats, oils, grease, soap scum, lint & hair. But not suited for paper, plastics or food particles.

EFFECTIVE YET ODORLESS, NON-FLAMMABLE & BIODEGRADABLE. No sharp, burning after-smell. It truly is the GREENER, SAFER liquid drain cleaner that actually works and meets environmental safety standards. 

This drain clog remover is non-corrosive & approved for all types of pipes. So, unlike more caustic heavy duty drain clog remover, you can solve your shower tub drain clog problems without creating more damaging ones.

Septic safe drain cleaner won’t harm the biological enzymes that keep your septic tank system running well. Much safer than acid drain cleaner, and more powerful and effective than enzyme drain cleaner.

Benefits of Using Drain Cleaners Regularly

The most common household plumbing problem from the kitchen to washroom would be clogged drains and pipes. While many of these blockage issues can be taken care of without calling a professional plumber, the situation can be inconvenient for everyone in the house.Regular drain cleaning can prevent massive drain clogging issues.

Lets see the Advantages of Regular Drain Cleaning 

Reduced Blockages
Taking some extra care to make sure your household drains and pipes are clean and functioning properly means reducing the overall amount of blockage problems that you will encounter. Preventing blockages is a huge advantage because no one wants to have their morning ruined by a suddenly overflowing sink with bad smell.

Faster Smell Free Drainage
Somewhere it is quite irritating when the drain begins moving more slowly than usual. When this happens mold, mildew, and bacteria begin to grow inside the pipes, and this will spread those spores throughout your home as the water stagnates. So keep your drains moving fast and promote a fresher home. Drain clogging spread germs and bad smells in the surroundings. When your drains begin to smell, the chance that there is the blockage is very high.

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Clean and Healthy Environment
Keeping your drains clean, you increase the safety of your home environment and prevent it from drastic bad smells. Drains are undoubtedly a nesting ground for germs, viruses and diseases. Backed up sewage and drains are, therefore, a serious hygienic issue that needs to be amended or prevented.

Money Management
By keeping your drains clean, you lessen the chance of having to pay for major drain cleaning and repair and owning the plumber. Pipe replacement is extremely expensive, and owning plumber service will add more cost. If the pipes overflow, you not only have to get the clog taken off, but have to trouble a lot.

Anyone can clean their drains regularly using drain cleaners, and you can prevent some major problems from occurring by doing so. Some of the advantages to regular drain cleaning, like a cleaner environment, fresher air, and more money, are more than reasons enough for cleaning drains regularly.

There are various drain cleaners for kitchen sink or washrooms are easily available in the market. Drain cleaning may not be the most glamorous chore, but the benefits of doing so are really worth it.